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import VE.Smart Network values to MPPT load output control

Feature Request MPPT SmartSolar

A lot of customers want to redirect Power after battery’s are full or if temperatures are below charge cut off threshold.

This would made easy if the MPPT smart Solar could use data from the VE.Smart Network to enable or disable it’s load output.

Let’s say MPPT sees battery temp is below 5C charging would be disabled. But if I could switch on load if Battery temp is below 6C and switch load off if battery temp is above 10C I could use the energy of my panels to heat up the batteries.


I want to primarily change my batteries but if they are full and my Smart shut tells the MPPT I reached 100%. The MPPT turns on Load and switch solar panels (via Relais) to a well and pump water, heat up a water heater, power a fountain…. And if the batteries drop below 95% the MPPT switches the panels back to charge batteries.

This would make the SmartSolar a really powerful tool in small offgritt systems and enables everyone to increase the efficiency of their installations.

Thanks in advance

Kai Fuchs

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