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How to run Grafana/Influx solution natively on Windows without Docker

How to run Grafana/Influx solution natively on Windows without Docker

(I initially provided my solution as a "question". But my contribution is more of an "article".)

Since I have an IT business and websites and internet services are also offered to our customers, I wanted to display the VRM data using Grafana. Since we have more know-how with Microsoft Windows than with Linux and I didn't want to learn how to use Docker professionally, I switched the system to Windows.

Why without Docker?

  • Docker is not for production environment, it is for application development.
  • The Venus-Docker-Grafana-Server is based on Linux - nothing for us Windows Guys.
  • To run docker, you should learn how to do it.
  • You need virtualisation features. So Docker is nothing for hosted Windows Servers.
  • You could use always the newest Version of Grafana OSS.

To install all components and set them up for each other, I wrote a PowerShell script. This script is for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Windows 11.

I make the PS script available here and am also happy to answer any questions, suggestions and tips.


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hallo Ulrich, vielen Dank für das script, genau das was ich suchte. Kann es sein das es Windows 11 Pro benötigt ?

Gruß Michael

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