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View Victron apps on a CarPlay capable headunit (or any app you want)

I was searching for some time, to find a solution to display unauthorized Apps on a (wired)CarPlay activated headunit without having to jailbreak the iPhone or hack the headunit.

Now I found a solution that works pretty well, so I want to share it here:

There is additional hardware necessary, a MMB box. There are some different versions around, I bought this one: MMB - MMB Android Multimedia Video Box - Smart MMB Box– MMB Official (

The box works like this: It emulates Apple CarPlay protocol to the headunit but instead of CarPlay, you get a fully open Android OS. There is a Playstore available, therefore it is possible to install VictronConnect or VRM app, or any other app you want onto this box. You can control the apps via the headunits touch display.

If the box is connected to the car, the connection to the iPhone works via Wireless Carplay then, so you dont have to connect your iPhone to the car anymore.

Victron apps on my VW Polo:




Youtube video for full description and discount code: USE THIS to watch NETFLIX IN YOUR CAR! - MMB Android OS Adapter - *2021* - YouTube

The box is compatible to iPhone AND Android smartphones.

There is also a (very new) version of the box, with additional HDMI output, so you can connect an additional external HDMI screen.

I am sure, this could be interesting to some camping van builders out there.

Don't distract yourself from driving!

Have a nice day!


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I've been looking for something like that for long time. Will this work also on a Audi A4 2019 with MMI? I don't have Apple CarPlay and retrofit costs a fortune.

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markus avatar image markus ♦♦ Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Stefanie,

unfortunately without your car supporting CarPlay protocol, those boxes will not work because they emulate the CarPlay protocol.


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Ulrich avatar image Ulrich commented ·

Hi Markus,

that looks great. Thank you for the publication.

Regards, Ulrich

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