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Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters Non-isolated NON SMART no detailed information available

Since my question keeps getting ignored by victron, Getting deleted or not read correctly and answered with the manual for the totally different smart converter i will ask AGAIN.

Orion-Tr DC-DC Converter Non-isolated "NON SMART" LOW POWER 240w 24/12-20


I have been asking and searching for months now for these answers.

1. What is the 20amp fuse on the unit for? Inlet/outlet/reverse polarity protection?

2. All the other victron converters have a detailed manual stating if they have over current/temp/short circuit/reverse polarity protection and if they can be paralleled together but this unit has no mention of these features. Does it have them?

3. While i can calculate the fuse size needed for the inlet and outlet there is no mention of what fuse size to use unlike all other victron products, I want to check and make sure i use the correct size and allow for any potential inrush current or whatnot as some converters i have used in the past called for much larger fusing then you would think is needed.

I find it odd that all other vicon products have in depth manuals and details but this converter has only basic volt/current/efficiency specs listed and thats it.

Orion DC-DC Converters not smart
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