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What settings for 2x Sterling 140ah AGM deep cycle?


I have 60A Victron MPPT SmartSolar 150--60, connected to 2x Sterling 140ah AGM deep cycle batteries connected in parallel.

What settings should I put into the charge controller?

There is information in this data sheet, but nothing clear to a beginner:

I have got it operating using the preset "Rotary Switch Position 2", which was what the charge controller had as default perhaps, but I have no idea if that is appropriate. Worried I am harming the batteries.

Thanks for any help.

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I would leave it as default, I also run AGM batteries and the default settings are fine.

From manual below:

Battery preset

This setting sets the battery charge algorithm. It is by default set to "rotary switch". A selection can be made between:

• The rotary switch position

Page 16

Configuration and settings

MPPT solar charger manual

• Pre-defined factory battery presets

• User defined battery presets

• Create, modify or delete a user defined preset.

This setting uses factory pre-defined presets for a large variety of battery types. These pre-defined charge algorithms are suitable for almost all installations.

It is possible to also create user-defined battery presets. The chapter Customize battery charge algorithm [17] explains how to do this. These user defined presets are stored in the VictronConnect App library. This is helpful in case multiple solar chargers need to be configured, eliminating the need to define the entire charge algorithm each time a new solar charger is configured.

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