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Buck-Boost 100A - No OUT LED (Green IN LED)

I have installed a 100A Victron buckboost essentially as per the below diagram from the manual. The only difference in my install is that there is a transfer switch between the buckboost and the LiFePo4 service batteries. I am not using the green/purple pin wires. My service batteries have built-in BMS.

I am using engine vibration detection only to turn on the converter. When I turn on the engine/alternator I get an IN LED = GREEN, which is the desired status. However, I get no OUT LED. No OUT LED is not described in the manual.

My service battery monitor shows the battery is at 99.5% charge so I would expect the OUT LED = GREEN or PURPLE. If there was no connection to the service battery (because my transfer switch was installed incorrectly) then I would expect OUT LED = RED (no connection to battery as per manual).

TSConfig is showing correct input voltage (1) and output voltage (3) but no output current (4) except occasionally .1 or .2A (but mostly zero). I will screenshot TSConfig tomorrow when I am able to.


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