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VenusGX mqtt unstable after 2.72 firmware upgrade.

After upgrading the firmware of my Venus GX to version 2.72 I am having issues with it not continuously publishing to the mqtt broker.
When I connect a client to the broker in the GX I receive the subscribed messages for about a minute after which an empty message is received and no more messages are received until about 1 minute or 2 later. This just keeps on repeating.
I suspect there is a timeout issue or it somehow does not get the keep-alive messages.

I was unable to find a change-log for 2.70 to 2.72.
I would also rather not roll back but I also cant seem to find a way to even roll back the firmware.

After creating a profesional account I am able to access the changelog. Though that did not really explain why mqtt is misbehaving in 2.72.
It did however point out how to roll back so I rolled back to 2.66 which resolved the mqtt issues.

However that may cause me to be unable to configure my EM24 ethernet as that was not yet added in 2.66.

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I am relatively new to victron and have been investigating the Mqtt integration patterns. Have you taken a look at the keepalive section of the GitHub write up on the Mqtt service.

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Yes I had the keep-alive set to 15 seconds but it would still stop receiving messages.
Also if there was any confusion the connection is to the broker running in the GX not the Victron cloud service.

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Same error on my side on a Color Control GX, works for a short time, then i get the message in node-red: Failed to parse JSON string

Error is present in version from above 2.72 to 2.80-11

I moved back to 2.72 (20210705134901) and it works again.

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Hi @Roger Seibel , there is an issue introduced in v2.80~9 with the keepalives, "old style". Will be fixed in the next v2.80~ release candidate. And there is a work around. See here in the discussion and known issues for details:

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Hi @R.Warps , can you explain in more detail how you send the keep alives? Perhaps copy paste your code here?

Many people out there are using MQTT, and I haven't heard of any issues.

And for anyone else reading this: this is about a GX device running Venus OS v2.72. Please don't get this mixed up with v2.80~beta versions - thank you.

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