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Best setup for spread battery bank on boat (10m apart) - multiple mppt


The batteries on my boat are quite far apart (1 battery - 4m - 2 batteries - 6m - 1 battery).

I'm wondering how to best and evenly charge all batteries to get the longest life out of them.

Due to my panels setup, I am planning on using 3x SmartSolar mppts synchronized with Bluetooth : 2x 75/15 and a third one, ideally 100/20 but could be 75/15 too.

I guess the ideal setup would be to have the 3 panels side by side to a charging bus, then equal distances to each batteries, but it will require quite some cable length!

I was wondering if having 1x 75/15 near each single battery and the 100/20 near the 2x batteries would still be efficient, or if the uneven charge would trigger the absorption cycle too early?

Thanks for your input.

MPPT - Solar Charge Controller
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