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BMV-712 Settings

I have been installing Solar on a 5th wheel which consist to 6 x 175 watt panel, into a Victron MPPT 100/50 Charge controller charging. 4x6 interstate GC batteries rated at 420 AH @20. I have set the Charge to Battery Voltage 12

Max Charge Current CC/10 which is 42 Amps

Absorpon Voltage is 15.3V

Float Voltage is 13.4

Equalization Voltage is 15.6 Volts

All settings are from the INTERSTATE BATTERY Recommendations.

For the BMV-712 Setting I'm Using

Battery Capacity 420

Charge Voltage ? ( I'm reading that it should be a few % below the Absorption Voltage say 15V)

Tail Current 4% (Which I'm assuming would be 16.8 Amps)

Charged Detection Time 3m

Peukert exponent 1.25

Charge Efficency Factor 80%

Current Threshold .10A

Time-to-go average period 3m

Does this look right?

BMV Battery Monitorinstallation
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Hi Noble. Seems like a nicely balanced system. You've done your homework, hey?

I went for a look to find Interstate's 15.3V Abs recommendation. I couldn't find it, but from their specs your batts may be AGM. I use FLA (more tolerant of abuse) of another brand of GC's and use 14.4V Abs. I wouldn't be too happy giving mine 15.3V every day - sorta like a daily mini-equalize.. Please check, then recheck this. I think it's too high. But for you to decide.. take care.

The C/10 42A limit you could probably stretch safely to the full 50A. If you ever saw it that high it would likely only be for a few minutes every day anyway in practice. And if you had loads on, say a fridge, then that comes off the 50A too.

The BMV is a nice addition for your monitoring pleasure, but won't influence what the mppt is doing. The settings in there for you to play with and tune in to give you an accurate reading of your system at any time.

Please take care with that Abs V..

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