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How to activate the raspberry pi watchdog.

My Raspberry pi running 2.65~7 seems to lock up periodically. It may be that it just looses Wifi connection and does not regain it, but since I have no display I cannot tell. A power cycle solves the problem for several days to weeks. Wifi signal is fairly strong and line of sight through one window. I know in Raspian you can set a hardware watchdog that will reboot the system on lockup. Can this be enabled in this custom linux version? I see there is a wifi watchdog, but I don't want it constantly rebooting when I am on the road.

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@dmarch Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have a rather similar one using a tethered Wifi Connection using 2.80 Large with Node-RED. In my case it seemed to lock up periodically (~ 5 days) but I have added sufficient diagnostics to know that Venus and Node-RED are still running but it is just the Wifi connection which seems to have failed although it is accessible for other connections. All the data seems to be safe in cache and when the Raspberry Pi is rebooted it is all uploaded to the VRM portal.

There is a lot of information in the log files but nothing I can see that gives me an understanding of exactly what has happened, in particular why the connection is not remade or what I can use as a diagnostic to do a restart using Node-RED.

I had assumed the problem was in the use of tethered connections which have a poor reputation but I note quite a lot of people are following this so I wonder if this is a more general problem?

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Settings/VRM online portal/Reboot device when no contact

might help assuming the PI is registered to a VRM account.

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