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PGN 127503 and 127504

Dear all,

I am struggling with the following: on my motoryacht I recently replaced a Czone 3.5 inch display with a Czone Touch 5 display. On the 3.5 inch display I can show the AC in and AC out of my Victron Quattro. The Czone display is part of a larger NMEA2000 network with various Czone modules (for digital switching) and several navigation equipment. My Victron GX is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. On the Simrad NSS 7 (and 12) chartplotter I can show the AC in (not the AC out). With software tools from Maretron and Actisense, I can see that the AC in and out information is available on the network and is published by the GX in PGN 65013, 65014 and 65016.

According to a Czone specialist Czone does not support PGN 65013-65016 and the information of AC in and AC out should be published through PGN 127503 and 127504.

It is strange that the Czone 3.5 inch display does show both AC in and AC out and that the Czone Touch 5 does not. Both are from the same brand Czone (by Bep Marine).

This has already cost me more then a week studying all manuals, websites and other available information, but I have not found a solution to show the AC in and AC out on the new display.

Is there a way to transfer or convert the AC in and AC out information from the PGN 65013, 65014 and 65016 to the PGN 127503 and 127504 so that possibly the Touch 5 will display the desired information.

Any help is appreciated!

NMEA 2000 - N2K
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Hi there

Did you get an answer to to this or solve somehow??? i have just run across the same issue



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Hi, I did a quick search, and found this:

Also, I know that NMEA2000-out function on our GX devices uses the J1939 style PGNs (which might be those 6xxxx numbers, no time to confirm that now). And that meanwhile there is a new set of PGNs.

So, could be that there are three (!) generations of N2K PGNs for AC information. And if thats the case than we are still in the second of those three.

hope this helps

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Hi Mvader

Seems your correct

would there be any chance Victron would look to adapt the newer generation??

Its a shame as all the DC information works very well.