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Lynx Distributor Red LED - But Fuse Not Blown.


Hoping I can get some help here, I am installing 2 new Multiplus-II in parallel system and all seems to be working well except i get all LED lights as red on the lynx distributor when I have AC power on and the inverters are charging. I have tested all the new fuses just via continuity test and the batteries are getting charged.

The even stranger thing is this: When I put the 120x2 3000 12v 50a Multiplus in standalone operation, they light will be green, then turn red after a period of time, then green again, but as soon as I put them in parallel and they are both charging the batteries from AC power, the led's on the lynx distributor stay red.... I have the battery protect connected to one slot on the lynx, 2 inverters (multiplus-II) each in its own slot, and the final slot is taken up by my BIM to chassis battery/alternator. The batteries are connected to the Lynx shunt via the end posts (where most people would connect the lynx power in). All the components have shutoff switches in between them.

Any help in understanding the Red LED's when under load would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I turn off the load the led's go off, and only the one green in the center of the distributor is lit. The lynx shunt stays green in any scenario.

Update - Even in standalone when the lynx distributor is under load the lights turn red. I have taken everything back apart and verified every connection but no matter what, under load, I get red lights on the lynx distributor. @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - Either load from chargers or load from the coach, ie when I turn on a microwave and a heater, it happens every time. I have ordered another lynx distributor to see if maybe it is a hardware board fault? I can't think of anything else it would be... Thanks for any advice in advance.

I have raised this with my retailer (CR for multiplus, and another company for the lynx) and they stated they would open a ticket with Victron, but have heard anything. I think this is an odd one, but maybe Victron staff have ran across this before?

Multiplus-IIlynx shunt
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I just also realized it does the same thing under load. If I run a Load the lights immediately come on and a humming and vibrating sound appears in the battery area where the lynx is.

Hi @cory cantrell

how do you power the lynx 5v line? I'd look there first. is it an isolated source? might be a ground loop issue?

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I use an RJ11 from the lynx shunt to the lynx distributor. I have tested this thing to death and just can’t figure out why they turn red, I have replaced all cables, replaced the lynx distributor. I don’t see a ground loop but honestly don’t know how to test for one... Any ideas/thoughts? Odd to me it only happens on heavy loads.

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It's hard to give any ideas without additional information, only thing that pops up in my head is that perhaps positive and negative are reversed?

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Thanks for the reply, I have 100% verified the cabling and have taken it apart 2 times completely and even ran new cables from the inverter to the lynx distributor (configured both as standalone and tested one at a time on the new cables) the same thing happens at at high load. I replaced the lynx distributor and the same thing happens.

today I plan to remove the equipment ground lug and test (Maybe a ground loop or alternate path for negative is being used?)

I am really running out of ideas as this is a weird one. Today I plan to put a clamp meter on the equipment ground under load and see if that is the path being used for return.

I am very sure I don’t have + and - reversed though.