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Parallel 2 identical MPPT 100/20 and solar panels systems to a single battery bank

Hi. I have a 4WD vehicle that while travelling has a limited available roof space because of wind drag. So I wish to mount 2 x 130w panels in series facing upwards with a 100/20 blue tooth controller (SCC110020060R), which in most cases provide required charging of the battery bank, I used the Victron Calculator to confirm controller size. I wish to mount a sliding identical system below on rollers so that when the vehicle is stationary and possible partly shaded to the sun the lower system can be rolled forward to increase the charge to the battery bank when required.

Some possible extra information that may be useful;

1. I like to have some redundancy IE the completely independent system should panels or controller fail whilst working remotely.

2. The battery load is not connected to the load terminals of the controllers but via a separate low voltage disconnect device.

3. The controllers may need to be fan cooled because of the possible ambient temperature within the 4WD in the summer time 50C +. This can achieved simply by mounting the controllers to a common aluminum plate with a bi-metal plate type switch and fans


1. Will the 2 SCC110020060R synchronize / work together to charge the single 12v battery bank?

2. Do I need to change the controllers to a single 150/35 (SCC115035210) as the calculator suggested for 2 x 2 x 130w panel system.

3. Can I have battery bank temperature sensor on the controllers? Comment 3 above.

Thank you in advance for your advice

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1-yes, you can use two MPPTs, one per system and if they are the smartsolar then they will sync together over bluetooth

2-no, as long as one array cant exceed 100v in any circumstance then you can use the 2x 100v controllers.

3-not sure/not that I know. You could add this via a smartshunt or BMV though and they will co-ordinate with the MPPTs if everything is bluetooth enabled.

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