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Multiplus 2 48 5kW AC In and Out maximum load with public and battery?

Dear forum,

I am planning on connected a 3phase network but for ease i question about 1 phase.

What are the max load specifications (in kW) for Ac In and Ac Out 1 and 2?

Can my House load be more than 5kW (battery plus public) or is my total house load restricted to 5kW even if the public could be more than 5kW.

Or is it that my public connection to the multiplus has no restriction at all (if 100% public 0% battery) and therefore my houseload can be more than 5kW.

(Or question with 3 phase :

3x 5kW Multiplus = 15kW Peak Load

What IF my Output happens to need (shortterm or even longterm) 17 kW

Will I receive the missing 2kW from public? Are the Ac In and Ac Out even layed out for more than 15 peak kW?)

What is the right load setting or what even is possible.

I cant seek to find any 5kW exceeding limits in any datasheet

Multiplus-IIinput current
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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

The MP-II 5kVA have a 50A transfer relay.
50A at 230V = 11.5kW
So with grid available you can pass trough 11.5kW + 4kW that the MP can add from the battery.

With ESS configuration the system will try to use as much battery power as possible.
Only if your load is more than the continuous power of the MP that power is taken from the grid.

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Thank you for your answer.

But it is not possible to technically delivery more than 11.5kW + 4kW. Meaning the 11.5kW are my maximum grid load per MP.

Am i understanding this correctly?

(I know it's a lot of kW but we just want to make sure what the max load could be)

Technical you can pull more but this will overload and properly damage the transfer relay.

In a normal house you will never need 11.5kW (or 34.5kW).

Most normal houses in Germany have a 35A main grid fuse.