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Node Red Time Zone And Such...

I realize this is a couple of related questions, but here goes:

Is that any way to read the timezone offset that the user sets in the Venus GUI into NodeRed? I am trying to make decisions based on local time, which since I am a sailboat, that changes and changing it when it is hard coded into NodeRed is a bit awkward... I do have access to the GPS position that is on the CANbus, and could calculate a "solar time" based on latitude, but that seems clunky...

The vaguely related question: Is there any way to access the user set value for the "Quiet Hours" used by the generator autorun function?

Even further afield from the original question: Are the other parameters set by the user and used by the generator autorun function accessible to NodeRed?

I haven't found any of these on the published Modbus register listings.

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