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3 Phase Off Grid 3 x 15000 Quattro Charger Oscillation

This is a new installation made up of the following components:

  • 28kw Solar Plant
  • 33kw SMA Tripower Core 1 Solar Inverter AC Coupled
  • 3 x 15000 Quattros
  • 24kwh 48v OPzv Victron Battery Plant
  • 80kw 3PH Generator

My issue is the system works flawlessly until it gets to about 96% battery charge at which time it becomes unstable and oscillates from 0-300 amps of charge until the Quattros shut down and restart. I have the charge current set a 50 amps and the Core 1 is set to "Island" mode. I'm testing without generator so there is no AC1 power.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Brut, to be able to help, we would first need to know fully how the system is setup . so could you please , send a full schematic diagram of how every thing is connected, plus a list of all the assistants that have been installed on the Quattros and there settings. even some screen shots of the VE Configure settings etc

Have the SMA Grid tie units been setup to respond to frequency shift, so that they derate when the AC load is less than what the SMA units are outputting, if this is not setup correctly then, this could be the cause

what are the battery voltages when you have the issue's

have you got a Venus GX device installed and is this connected to the Victron VRM for monitoring and diagnostic help

what firmware versions is installed on the quattro units.

some good pictures of the installation and the batteries

As much other information as you can give.

Thanks for responding Paul. I have the package of documents and pictures you requested to help with my issue. How do you want me to get to you?



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