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Super Cycle Smart Shunt Settings Advice

Hello there,

I have recently purchased a Victron 230Ah Super Cycle AGM battery and hooked it up to a Victron Smart Shunt. I am wondering what settings are best in the app for the shunt. Any advice would be helpful.

From what I have learnt from the Victron advice video:

Battery capacity: This is set correctly to 230Ah

Charged voltage: This should be set to the "float charge" voltage as per the Super Cycle data sheet which is 13.5-13.8V minus 0.2V (for all 12V batteries). So, it should be set to 13.3V - correct?

Discharge floor: 50% is correct for a AGM

Tail current: Is okay to remain at 4%

Charge efficiency factor: Since, I will be discharging this battery mostly to about 80% or so most of the time. As per the mentioned above video should be changed to between 80-85%.

Any other settings seem to be fine to keep as they are.

What do you think? (current settings in pic below)


SmartShuntAGM Battery
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