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New Full Victron System for my Overlander

I am literally starting from Zero...There is no existing equipment or installation in my overlander. Designs on possibles installations are super useful, any tips or help I can get is most welcome!!!!

I have plenty of space on the roof: 2.4x5.2 meters. Plenty of space for the battery bank, converter equipment, etc

Best batteries (cost/benefit)

Cabin and box connected and if possible a relay to charge the batteries with the alternator.

AC Unit 230V and DC

Thanks in advance!

All your help is most welcome

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Ulrich answered ·
I have fully equipped my motorhome with Victron Energy and I am very satisfied. Monitoring through the VRM Portal and Grafana are particularly practical. (See: here you can see all the data.)

For the solar modules, I opted for standard Mobule. They are significantly cheaper and I cannot determine the alleged advantages of the special camper modules. In particular, there are modules that have no problem with partial shading. (See: AE Solar Hot Spot Free)
Solar modules should deliver a high voltage for the MPPT solar charger, i.e. connect the modules in series. (Example: 2x 21V = 42V)

For the batteries I chose 160Ah LiFePO4 from Victron, they have the best price / performance ratio. These are connected in parallel to a Lynx distributor. The batteries have a BMC.

I use a MultiPlus Compact 2000VA for the 230V supply. This is also securely connected via the Lynx distributor.

I use an Orion TR-Smart DC-DC so that the batteries are also charged while driving.

Two Smart Battery Protect are also used to protect the batteries from undervoltage and overvoltage.

Of course, the control center is a Cerbo GX with a touchscreen. A smart shunt measures all currents.

This is roughly my system. I hope I understood your question correctly and my answer will lead you on the right path.

I am happy to help. Just ask.

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Thank you very much. I have a couple of questions:

TR-Orion Smart Dc-DC: I understand this device works charging the batteries. In the product description, they talk about a smart alternator. My truck is a MB 1928 AF the year is 1986 and it does not have a smart alternator. Would it works?

Thanks again!!!

You can define different voltages at which the booster is activated. So every alternator can be integrated. It is important that the alternator is not overwhelmed. 30A should always be possible. Maybe you can also use two boosters with a total of 60A?

By the way, do you have an Air conditioning for the Box of the truck?

Iknow the solar is limited but wondering if were able to have it running while the truck is on?

Yes, the air conditioning is already there and will be tested this weekend. I decided on a Truma Saphir Compact. At 230V this needs 2.8A, i.e. 644VA. I have no experience with the device, but you can see on my Grafana website how much electricity it consumes (Saturday / Sunday).

The roof air conditioning systems consume significantly more (> 2000VA). We don't want 20 ° C in summer, we just want to prevent it from getting too hot for the dogs in the motorhome.

Hello @Ulrich,

very nice setup! Is it possible for you to share the json of your Grafana Dashboard?



There is a menu in the header of each panel. Here you can select "Panel JSON" under "Inspect". This is how all settings can be found. I am also happy to take a few screenshots of the settings if there are still questions.