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Frequency shift affecting AC unit

I Have a Quattro 10KVA DC coupled with a 250/100 and AC coupled with a Fronius 8.2kw with 6 x power plus 4KWH Eco batteries, the problem I am having is the house has a ducted panasonic AC system and works fine until the batteries reach 100% and the frequency shifts upwards and drops out the AC unit on high frequency. Is it possible either turn off the frequency shift and use AC out 2 to drop out the Fronius inverter on say 95% or battery voltage or ajust the frequency shift settings so it doesn't go so high.

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Lawrence avatar image Lawrence commented ·
Hi, Did you come up with a solution? I have a Panasonic AC doing the same thing
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matt1309 avatar image matt1309 Lawrence commented ·
I'm not too familiar with Fronius inverters but are you able to adjust the frequency shift parameters in the fronius?

If so you may be able to get around this by reducing the jump in frequency so AC unit still works but also still causing the fronius to turn off.

An alternate/less clean solution would be to manually turn off fronius via communication via node red. (You should still leave frequency shifting settings enabled for safety in the event the node red coms fail). However you could add some node red checks to turn off fronius at a high state of charge but before the frequency shifting kicks in.

I would definitely advise against turning off frequency shifting in place of communication based rules as they may fail resulting in damage to the systems in the event grid goes down/ and batteries are full (ie power has no where to go).

It's a far less clean solution using node red so hopefully adjusting the frequencies in fronius to slightly lower triggers and adjusting corresponding in VeConfigure assistants will solve the issue.

Out of curiosity does the AC unit specify frequency range on the unit, I imagine it just say 50hz rather than the specific number.

A few other options. Move fronius to ACIN side of system and have an energy meter on grid/allowing the fronius to export all excess power and not need to reduce output. Also assumes you can export all your power generated.

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Lawrence avatar image Lawrence matt1309 commented ·
Thanks for the reply Matt. Its an off grid system and i am using 2 x ACTHOR 9s Hot water diverters which use the Frequency shift to ramp up power to the 18kw of immersion elements. I can adjust the frequency in the ACTHORS and in the Victron System to a narrower range but the Panasonic documentation just says 50hz.No one at Panasonic NZ can tell me if its a hard limit or of there's a tolerance. Have emailed Fronius asking if its adjustable as well. Was thinking others must have come across this problem.
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matt1309 avatar image matt1309 Lawrence commented ·

Yeh I'm pretty sure the Fronius can be changed but not familiar enough to know how/where in settings that is.

Also not sure how to get around the Arthors. For my setup I just use generic smart switches to activate immersion heaters in the event there's excess power (Controlled via node red running on GX device).

Maybe you could activate the arthors another way via an internal/local api via node red if frequency shifting activation isnt an option.

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