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Multi charge cutting out

Hi my multiplus (old 24 3000 70) with analogue control panel charges my Lifepo4 batteries fine up to around 8amps of shore power (45amps @ 27.3v). Anything above that and it cuts out, charges or a few second and cuts out again. The result is I can't charge my Lifepo4 battery past about 26.9v resting voltage. Has anyone heard of this happening?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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By cuts out, do you mean it is disconnecting from shore power or is the multi shutting down for some reason?

If it is disconnecting from the ac and then reconnecting then your shore power connection has an issue and ht multi is rejecting it because it is dirty or unstable power.

So I can't identify whether it's the battery bms cutting out at around 50a or whether it's a rejection of shore power over about 8a. It's not a particularly "clean" generator. How could I go about finding out do you know?


It would be simpler with a GX device. That being said you can normally hear when a generator is being loaded and unloaded when the multi relays click over to AC. Can you hear relays clicking at all on the multi?

When you say your batteries are only reaching 26.9v, how are you measuring this? and what are your charge settings from grid on the multi?

It can be set for wide frequency range and lower ac charging amps to reduce the load on the Generator. We do this or people whose generators are not so great and have no proper AVR

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