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MPPT SmartSolar 100/30 Charge Controller Support

1eaacb36-f199-43e5-a477-ef75fa9dc82f.jpegRecently installed this system in line with a 100 12 V Battle Born battery and a 12 V AIMS Power 1250 W inverter charger. The controller remained with a blue light on bulk but appeared to be charging the battery. Curious if I’m doing something wrong or a voltage threshold hasn’t been met that would activate the absorption or float lights to activate.

mppt smart solarinstallation
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Also, it seems to only accept a PV charge when the inverter is turned into power save mode (inverter off) versus Power On mode.

It sounds like you did not set it up for your battery.

Thanks! The installation guide stated to set to 7 for a lithium iron phosphate battery. My BMV 712 is measuring the wattage coming in. Is there another step to be updated?

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You didn't conect to the solar charger via Bluetooth? You only mention using the rotary dial.

That should be only the starting point.

Check the battery specifications and adjust those charger settings if needed.

Then adjust the BMV settings, too.

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