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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 18A isolated and 7-way trailer connector


On my Orion Tr 18A dc-dc smart charger, there 2 separate negative connector on both input and output. I am about to install it on a travel trailer and I need some help with wiring from the 7-way connector - there are 2 10awg wires, white (ground) and black(starter batt/alternator). which way should I connect the ground wires:

1. 7-way white -> Orion input negative, Orion output negative -> trailer 12v ground bus bar (Batt)

2. 7-way white -> trailer 12v ground bus bar(Batt) -> orion input negative/orion output negative.

Actually I am not very confident about either of these ways. For 1, there are other wires for brakes, lights - if the ground is 'isolated' buy Orion, I am not sure if these wire would provide proper voltage. For 2, not sure if I am supposed to connect the 2 neg connectors on Orion directly.

Thanks in advance!

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