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Autark electricity in our expedition truck

Dear community

We are building a expedition / world traveling vehicle and are now in the process of defining the electrical components. We plan to travel without LPG, therefore we have a extended need on autark electricity (4 weeks autark time).

Our requirements:

- Run 4 induction pads (2 x 3.7 kW)
- Run electrical oven
- Run AC with 1800W
- Run fridge / freezer 2 kW/24h max.
- Run standard washing machine
- Run water heater
- Run 2 diesel heaters
- Run 1 TV 48"
- Run all lights, water pumps, NAS, charge phones, laptops, cameras, etc

- We want to have 2 fully redundant systems 400Ah/24V and 800Ah/24V

- Solar with 2,6 kWp panels
- Charge booster (light machine of the truck, max. 100A/24V)
- Land electricity 230V AC
- Land electricity 110V AC

To stay independant, we decided for 1200Ah / 24V battery capacity LiFePo.
We would like to have all components from one provide and are convinced that VictronEnergy is a great partner!

Now my questions:

- What is better: 6 x 200Ah/24V or 12 x 200Ah/12V?
- Would VE provide a list of components and schema how to connect the components?
- What are the most important questions to ask?

Looking forward to feedback


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Hi, welcome to the Community! Please take a few moments to read and understand the Community Guidelines; as noted in the Guidelines, 1: One question per post, please, and 2: this really isn't the place for schematic review or complex system design, as there are a great many factors that are dependent on your particular installation environment, topography, and any applicable governing electrical codes.

We'll leave up this post, as indeed other users here are free to offer what insight they may, but it is strongly advised to engage a reputable and qualified Victron-trained systems installer for your schematic review and assistance with installation; your local authorized Victron distributor will also be able to assist you with component selection and features, and may -depending on the services they offer- also be able to assist you with schematic design and review. Cheers!

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I will chuck in some thoughts into whats better, the 6 x 200 24v or 12x 200 12v.

I offer no answers, just some engineer thoughts. I take it we are talking victron lithium in both cases. Assuming that the two combinations essentially offer the same number of battery cells.

-the 24v units offer less interconnects, so less custom wiring and a neater install. Should be more reliable. Logically the same thing but factory produced and fixed in a solid box.

-24v units will have half the number of batteries to monitor and half the number of bluetooth devices which is good.

-the 12v units will be smaller, which may make them easier to position in the vehicle

-half the number of 24v units so less units to tie down

-I imagine the 12v units are more common, so if there is a faliure of an entire battery then it would be easier and less costly to get a replacement

-I have no idea how pricing works out. 24v should be cheaper but if they are produced in smaller quantities then they could be more expensive.

To me you need a reason not to do 24v (like they don't fit or are a lot more expensive)

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