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Isolation Transformer ITR 3600 Auto - jumper connections

I'm struggling to understand the installation instructions supplied with this product,

The input side has the Auto voltage select feature and there are no terminals to attach Jumper cables to manually select the input voltage.

The output side however does have terminals to connect the supplied jumper wires in order select the desired output voltage, but the installation instructions make reference to only using these terminals for "other models" not the Auto

If this is the case why are the terminals available on the circuit board and why are the cables supplied? Should the jumper cables be fitted?

Also should the jumper cable be fitted on terminals J33 and J21 to link neutral and earth on the output?

There also seems to be differences of opinion on here relating to the internal earth connections (input PE to J34A) or (J34A to J34A1) if the boat is floating,

Can any one clearly indicate which method is correct regarding all or any of this.

Thanks in advance

Isolation Tranformer
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