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Wind turbine

Hi, I have a SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/70 system with Pylontech batteries but the solar is simply not enough to keep the batteries charged. I have very limited knowledge on this techy stuff but i feel there must be a way to connect a wind turbine to the system to help charge the batteries when the sun is not enough. I am mains connected too so when fully charged the power goes to the grid. and when the batteries are too low we draw from the grid. (I guess this is obvious to most of you but i need to keep it simple) I bought a turbine (48V) but have been advised that even with its own controller connected to it, it would damage the system. In my ignorance i can't understand why the electricity generated by the turbine is different to that generated by the solar panels. Can anyone advise me on whether I can connect a wind turbine to my system, if so what type of turbine and how. My installer (I guess because they only do solar) is as much use as a chocolate fireplace, so I need help please. Hoping someone has the answers I need and some basic advice. Many thanks in anticipation. Brian

Hydro and Wind Power
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What is your battery voltage?

Connecting the turbine directly to the batteries is not a good idea, the output voltage will be all over the place, and overcharge is likely.

The output from a turbine is quite variable, but solar is too on a longer time scale. I would think that an MPPT charger would work here.

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Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

Hi @Brian1953, welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately Victron does not manufacture wind turbine controllers; I will note that you should absolutely not use an MPPT in place of a turbine controller - they are two entirely different types of controller with completely different logic and construction.

Most wind turbine kits come with their own controller, however, along with a dump load and everything else they need, and they can certainly be connected to the same battery bank as your Victron equipment.

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply, Yes I have purchased a controller for the wind turbine and currently have it connected to a standard acid 12v battery which i use on the farm, So could I connect directly to the lithium batteries? or to the buzz bar on the mppt controller?

Pardon my ignorance on this sort of stuff, but I never liked electricity as one cant see the damn stuff until it zaps you!



Hi @Brian1953, yes as long as your turbine controller has a charge profile that is either already appropriate for your LFP bank, or is adjustable to an LFP profile, then you would connect it straight to the battery (through a fuse, of course) or to your main POS and NEG busbar. The solar controller doesn't have a busbar, I'm assuming you mean you have the output of the controller connected to a POS and NEG busbar?