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Hi there,

We have a customer, grid-tie, but with constant power cuts.

Currently he has a grid-tie 1.5kW (pump as turbine) water turbine, with a ABB wind interface 4.0 and a old fronius with fixed MPPT voltage setting (but he can buy a new Primo), and a dump load connected to the wind interface.

Works perfectly, but because of the power cuts, he wants to add solar, and go with a Quattro 10kVA + Pylontech battery bank ESS setup. Ideally he wants to install the hydro setup on the ACout side of the Quattro, to be able to charge in case of a power cut, but not sure how well a fixed DC voltage Fronius will cope with Frequency shift.

Can anyone help with this? Is it safe to do this?


Hydro and Wind Power
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Your big issue will be to check what happens when the grids off and the batteries are full and the hydro is producing power in excess of the loads, and thus Frequency shift moves to say 53z (does the hydro turn off if yes you are ok)

You will have to do the tests yourself as all of this would be basically test and see and check and re check. but I cant see why it would not work.

Now if it does not. this is a possible way around the issue

add a contractor in the hydro grid tie units main in power as when it looses mains currently it should be turning off. Then try this, setup a assistant to turn that contactor off using say K1 or K2 relays, if say voltage goes above 58v for 1 sec thus the contactor opens and the Grid tie thinks its lost mains and turns off. then another assistant to turn it back on once voltage falls to say 55v.

The above is up to you if you want to do it and would be yours and or at the clients risk.

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