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Which MPPT for 8x400w Sunpower Maxeon3 solar panels

I have

8x400w Sunpower maxeon3 panels which have a VOC of 75.6 so would like your suggestion on the Victron MPPT to use.


I tried the calculator but having difficulty ..

Thinking - a DC-coupled - 2 panels in parallel on each of the 4 x 100/20 48V Smart solar charger controller.

Any suggestions??


MPPT - Solar Charge Controllermppt smart solar
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48 v system

Series stacking of your panels gets expensive quickly ...

Parallels pairs on a cheaper mppt's comes up cheaper when array series fusing is not required.

Extra mppt's to monitor is a headache though...

'4 x 100/20 48V Smart solar charger controller' should work ok on a 48v system.

Another option if you haven't purchased your controllers yet would be one of the new RS controller . That would allow for alternative wiring options such as 2 strings of 4 in series to reduce cable losses.

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