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Multiplus Inverter mode only and bypass switch.

Is there any way to temporarily disable the Multiplus fromcharging. For days at a time I don’t want it charging my Lithium batteries. Instead of a charge only mode, I’m looking for an Inverter mode only instead of a Charger mode only. A second option is to find a manual switch to use on the 120volt line feeding the inverter and feeding the RV, so when I am at shore power I could set the switch to bypass the inverter and feed the AC fuse panel directly, with a secondary switch to possibly feed the inverter for charge if needed. I have seen someone manually build these, but do not feel confident enough to. Wire this myself.

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I am presuming this is because you dont want to fully charge your lithium Lipo battery's.

A easy way to do this is to program the charger side of the multiplus to have a float voltage of say 13.2 volts or lower and set the absorption voltage to say 13.5 and set the absorption time to say 2 min. if its 24 volts the double the above figures.

thus this will then set the max charge level of your lithiums lipo to say 80% or 60% depending on brand and what you want to achieve , you change the voltages to suit YOU.

this way you can control the max charge level and have basically no absorption time and then float is below battery voltage thus no charge and or it will supply any loads if needed.

once done you can then leave it alone to do its own thing as needed

you will need a MK2 or a MK3 programing device, software is free and you can download this from the victron site, plus you can download it and test the software in demo mode to get a good idea of how its done.

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