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Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 12/30 (1+1): Wrong/Inaccurate output current


I have a Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 12/30 (1+1) in Li-ion mode.

When I set the maximum charge current to 14 A the output current is 13.6 A in the status of VictronConnectApp. This looks correct for me, because 14 A is the maximum.

But in real, the output current is 14.7 A, measured with an ampere meter and a BMV-712.

When the current drops under 1 A in the absorption phase, the output current in the status of VictronConnectApp show for the Charger 0.0A.

In my opinion, there are one of the following reasons:

  1. Firmware bug in current view or current calculation
  2. Inaccurate current measurement (if there is a current measurement in the charger)
  3. A faulty unit

I hope, someone can help or comment.


Best regards


Firmware Update Issue
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Latest release firmware (v3.31)

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