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Charging LiFePO4 with Blue Smart Charger IP67

I am charging a LiFePO4 battery on a boat using a BSC IP67 12/25.

Those lithium batteries like to be kept around 50% SOC when not in use. So I created a charging profile with 13.3V bulk and 13.2V float/storage for maintaining 50-60% SOC while permanently connected to shore power at the dock. A few hours before using the boat off-grid I switch to another profile, which charges the battery up to 100% SOC with 14.4V absorption and 13.4V float/storage.

The problem is that the BSC IP67 does not re-bulk after loading another profile. Removing AC for a while does the trick but power needs to be removed for minutes to successfully reset the charging curve.

What I need is a quick and easy way to re-bulk (restart the charging curve) manually.

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