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Smartsolar 250/100 not visible

Hello,we've recently installed an off-grid system using Pylontech batteries, 2 paralleled multiplus II ,diesel generator, a Smartsolar 250/100 and a color control.

All is set up and working fine except the Smartsolar charger doesn't seem to be visible. It is providing a charging output but not being controlled by the batteries requirements and not showing on the screen. The selector switch is on number 7.

We have it connected to VE.can on the CCGX there is a terminator in the other CCGX port. From the second port on the Smartsolar we have the correct type of lead to the batteries. There is no terminator on the battery end. We also have tried connecting using VE direct as well with no difference.

The Pylontech shows on the sytem and is providing SOC etc information as expected.

Any help greatly appreciated.


smart solar set-up help
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Is all the firmware up-to-date?

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