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Raspberry Pi 400

This seems like a really nice option for integrating with Victron system. New Raspberry Pi 400 built into keyboard with some other tech improvements.

Raspberry Pi
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So, 18 months on from this question, I have a Raspi400. the closest I have been to it working is downloading Venus OS 2.71 or even the latest 2.84 - During OS loading both of these state that the Start4.elf is not compatible and that a newer version should be sought from the web site (which there isnt - at time of writing).

Knowing that the Raspi400 is basically a rapsberry 4 I have been following hints and tips across this and other sites to try to find a solution - one such suggestion was to use a start4.elf from this package (

With this start4.elf copied over to the root directory of the SD card (overwriting the standard file) it boots, goes through a rainbow colour Square and onto the multiple VICTRON logos that Ive seen others get - eventually to the # prompt. (all looks good! - although the keyboard seems not to work)

Going to another computer on the same network and trying to access the IP address either with http or https results in "connection refused" or from the Venus intranet page "Failure to connect".

I noticed that the Venus OS console issues itself a "reboot" command and so we see the Raspi400 go though a reboot every few minutes or so (not regular as clockwork), whether connection attempts have been made or not.

I have resigned myself to awaiting the arrival of an out of stock Raspi3b+ (for which is seems there are no problem - goodness knows when that will turn up due to current supply delays!!!), but if anyone knows of a sure plan to get Venus OS running with raspi400 please be kind enough to let me know, as I am in danger of losing the little hair I have left. (please note that I maybe a veteran in age, but not with Rapsberry Pi knowledge/familiarity, so a step by step guide would be appreciated, with as much detail as possible :-/)

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