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Warranty Claim When Amazon Seller Wont Respond?

My MPPT purchased on Amazon is failing and is still under warranty but past the standard return period.

The seller isn't responding to my attempts to contact them using the Amazon tool.

What do I do to resolve my warranty issue?

MPPT - Solar Charge Controller
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daryl answered ·

Use this form to contact the dealer that Victron sold the equipment to based on it's serial number:

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Used that form & this was the response:

Please contact your supplier for first line service and support.

You can also contact a local dealer or service centre and use Where to buy on our website to find one if needed please.

I did some Googling and came up with a phone number for the original seller...called it and it was just a junk call center that answered the phone with the wrong business name but said they were the right seller. Then didn't offer any support...

Called a local retailer who also was not willing to help if I didn't buy from them.

Called a big online retailer & they told me only the original seller can help me.

Sounds like I've unfortunately been ripped off by a shady seller that's left me with a rather expensive paperweight :(

Have you tried contacting any of the Victron staff on the forum? I'm sure they will be able to trace who is the main supplier which will help you...

hey @Ghostrider, the "contact your supplier for first line of support; and/or contact another local dealer" is indeed our normal first response.

If that hasn't worked out, please just reply to that email from one of our colleagues, and say you did, and that unfortunately it didn't work out. Please make sure to include the serial number, name of seller as listed on amazon, phone number, but also name of local dealer who refused to help you.

Thanks; and I'm sorry that sofar its a bit of a challenge to get this sorted.


Ps. I looked up your initial request through our Support request form, and please note there is probably a typo in the serial number you provided, its one digit too long. It should be HQyywwzzzz, two digits for year, two digits for ww, and 5 characters random. Not six.

mirek-kovalski avatar image mirek-kovalski mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

I'm in the same boat.

Bought mppt 250/85 in feb 2020

PN: SCC125085210


Seller on amazon was BrandCentric, they claim that Victron Energy is their "brand partner" have your logo on their web site and claim to substantially increase your sales.

Unit stopped working and it has short on the PV input side.

i send support warranty request via amazon-no response.

send support request with victron using last week-no response.

Now i have $900.00 paper weight.

there are no dealers near me, California zip code 93035.

please advise how can i proceed?