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RV System won’t charge beyond 50%

I am baffled as to why I cannot charge beyond 50% regardless of charging method. Solar, alternator and even shore power will happily charge to around 50% as expected then quickly switches to float mode and no further charge is applied. I have a Victron multiplus,, Victron solar charge controller and an enerdrive dc2dc charger. All working well till now. Seems maybe an issue with batteries since it occurs across all charge devices?Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

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What device is suggesting an SOC of 50%?

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I have a BMV 712, late today I have disconnected the lithium battery negative terminal hoping for some sort of reset. Now the multiplus seems to be making a frog like sound, like a fan trying to turn. And it still make this sound even when switched off. Reset BMV SOC to 100% , will see how things go during the day tomorrow.

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