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Repair training for Quattro

Recently our Quattro Inverter went into an overload situation on it's own. I have contacted my vendor but Victron has asked us to send the unit to San Diego for repair. I would have been very happy if Victron would have swapped it out but I guess that isn't an option. We fulltime RV so being without an inverter is a bad proposition while traveling. My question is how do you become a Victron Certified Technician? Are there membership/certification fees? If I can learn to repair the unit on site then I can order parts instead of sending out for repair. I am a full stack software developer with a pretty good understanding of many of the Victron products that we use in our fairly large system.

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@Bowpay is the route usually taken to receive support. So going through your dealership as an end user is the best way.

In the clip from the warranty terms and guides there is this info.

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