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"Factory reset" possible with Multiplus II gx? (stuck in "Hub-3 / passthru" mode.)


I have a Multiplus II GX that refuse to charge my battery. It was running fine until it suddenly says "HUB-3" and passthru on the small display. I use it as standby for power failure only, no ESS activated.

I have connected another Victron Easysolar II GX to the battery and everything works fine, so the problem is inside the Multiplus. It shows no error codes, but refuse to charge the battery regardless of what I try). I have updated firmware and checked all settings in VE Config, including using the "reset to default" but this does not help. Is there anything else I can try to reset this unit or do I need to send it in for repairs?

What is HUB-3 mode anyway? I can't find any information online on this (only mode 1, 2 and 4).


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Hi @MarkusU

Do you have a grid-code set in the Multi(s)?

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No, there is no grid code available for Sweden, so I have not activated ESS or any grid code. I use it only for battery backup in case of grid failure.

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ok, can you describe the system better? what other components, what (type of) battery, etc?

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1 Answer
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I found the cause for this problem: When accessing the Multiplus with an USB-mk3 cable I found that the AC input current limiter for some reason was set to 1.5 amps. (When accessing it online it says 16 amps.) It was also 1.5 amps on the Phoenix remote control page. I set it to 16 amps in both places and now the Multiplus works again.

I do not understand how this setting was changed to 1.5 in the first place though - it happened without any input from my side.

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