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Low temperature cutoff not working

I have attached a temperature sensing cable to my BMV712 and it is reading the temperature off the battery. I have connected my mppt 100/30 through networking to the bmv and the controller is receiving the temperature. The controller is set to rotary switch 7 for my LifePo batteries and the low temperature cut-off is greyed disabled but showing 5c as the documentation says. However it is NOT stopping charging as I have tested this down to 3c. This is a VERY important feature for me as I live in the mountains of Colorado and we get cold. It is NOT working. Please advise.

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What firmware versions are you running?
I have set up just as you have, set rotary switch to position 7, temperature greyed out, but my MPPT stops charging when temperature goes below 5°C.
Only difference is thay I have 150/35, but that shouldn't change this operation.

My firmware versions are: MPPT v1.50
BMV-712 v4.03

I have also tried getting temperature from a Smart Battery Sense v1.5 and this also stops the charging when below 5°C.

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