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BVM-702 Voltage reading inaccurate

Hi all.

After reading all previous questions and answers associated with my issue I still cannot find a fix for my problem.

The BVM is mounted very close to the 24V battery (30cm) and connected with 35mm2 cable. The MPPT regulators are 100cm away and connected to the battery via 16mm2 cable.

The issue regards the inaccurate voltage reading on my BVM-702 as it does not agree with my two digital multi-meters nor my two Victron MPPT charge controllers. The BVM is consistently showing 0.8V lower than all these other devices.

I have tried replacing the in-line fuse on the BVM with a larger 1A fuse and even joined the wires together to bypass a fuse completely but the low reading is the same.

When measuring battery voltage using my meters, it makes no difference if I measure from the negative pole of the battery bank or either posts on the actual BVM shunt.

I tried replacing the communications cable from the shunt to the display just because I was running out of ideas........but it made no difference.

My final attempt at a fix was to swap out the shunt for a completely brand new one which I was able to borrow but unfortunately there was no change.

Any ideas very much appreciated

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