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Observation - ESS Dynamic Cutoff does not interpolate between the 4 thresholds

Observing the battery alarm behavior on a friend's ESS system I noticed the ESS Dynamic cuttoff alarmed when SOC was @ 47% , Discharge current 0.38C and voltage had just dropped below 50V. The dynamic cuttoff used were the Lithium defaults of 52/50/49.2/48V for 0.005/0.25/0.7/2C. It seems the threshold applied was the 0.25C threshold of 50V and not some value between the 0.25C and the 0.7C threshold. Perhaps there can be some enhancement made to so that the alarm curve more closely follows a typical discharge curve curve. Can one disable dynamic cuttoff in an ESS system and only relay on SOC?

Multiplus-IIESSLithium Battery
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