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Wiring help for Victron Orion TR Smart 12 12 30 in motorhome


I am switching over from lead battery in my motorhome and installing a lithium battery. I am attempting to install the Orion-TR Smart DC-DC Charger so the vehicle alternator charges the battery while driving.

  • The Victron doesn’t seem to work properly grounded to the chassis as in the factory configuration. It appears I need to run the ground to the battery post directly?

  • If I ground the lithium battery directly to the Victron instead of the chassis ground is it okay to also keep the ground from the battery for the chassis since the Power Converter needs that ground?

  • Because of the Buss Bar, will it cause “crossing” of the 12. 5 AMPS coming off the alternator mixing with the 14.4 the Victron Orion?

  • The Victron won’t power on unless I have Remote Wire Bridge attached, which the instructions say not to attached until you get the Bluetooth set up, which won’t connect.

wiring diagram
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