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What is / Can we tune BatteryLife cutoff (SmartMPPT 75/15)

I am using a pre-used 65Ah car starter battery on a tiny trailer camper. It will eventually need replacing, but I am hoping to squeeze two more years out of it. It's only feeding LED lights and phone/tablets (oh, and the potable water pump)

The MPPT is set to BatteryLife. To preserve the battery I would like to go even less deep into the battery. So while I know the BatteryLife modifies the cutoff based on whether it has seen Float that day, what is the actual base cutoff, and can it be uplifted a bit.

While I am assuming it is one of the common numbers of 10.6v or 11.1v, I feel to be safe 11.6 is a good number too. I can set that by disabling BatteryLife, but I trust the Victron engineers knew what they were doing when they game up with that adaptive cutoff. I would just like to tune the latter to "extra-safe-BatteryLife" or "conservative Battery-Life"

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