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Victron Lynx Distribution Set Up

I have a few questions about installation of Lynx 1000 Distribution

Current Set Up:

  • 550W Go Power Solar with Charge Controller,
  • 100W Go Power Solar with Charge Controller Portable,
  • 400Ah Battleborn Batteries,
  • 2000 Go Power Inverter,
  • 40A DC/DC Charger,
  • Blue Sea 12V Block,
  • Junction Studs,
  • Converter Charger

I have 2 Lynx 1000 Distribution Boxes, using Shunt from Victron BMV-712

I’ve linked up the 2 Lynx boxes. I have all the items connected with proper fuses POS to POS and Neg to Neg

My questions are:
1. I assume using this diagram, my batteries are charged via the shunt?

2. Does it matter about the placement of each item where is it installed on the Lynx?

From left to right
Lynx #1 - Slot 1 is Inverter, Slot 2 is MPPT Charge Controller, Slot 3 is MPPT Charge Controller, Slot 4 is DC/DC Charger

Lynx #2 - Slot 1 is 12V Fuse block, Slot 2 is Converter Charger, Slot 3 is Junction studs, Slot 4 is Open

Thought recommendations thanks in advanced Ed,

wiring diagram
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