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Multiplus 24/1600/40 not supplying house load, but AC UPS output OK.

I have a Multiplus Compact 24/1600/40 which has been working for nearly three years, but yesterday it stopped supplying the house load. There are no alarms and the DC voltage remains constant.

The inverter starts to ramp up and as it gets above 20Watt it shuts down again. Nothing has changed and the battery is 100% SOC. The AC output UPS side is fine and adding extra load is also fine.

The transformer was quite warm, so I assume it is charging OK, but I also charge the battery via a MPPT 100/20, so can't be positive. I have maximum charge set to 500W as I also have the MPPT input and I have the max output at 1000W as I prefer to output less for longer as the battery is only 6kWh LiFePo4.

I have rebooted the CCGX and the Multiplus to no avail. My setup is Hub-4 with a ET112 energy meter. The only odd thing is battery temp at -237, but I assume this is because I use this connection for the Inverter AC current sensor (Victron).

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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