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VEConnect not showing my all inverters

What could be the reason that VEConnect is not finding all the inverters connected to VE bus?

I have 2 MultiPlus-II and 1 EasySolar-II.

I am trying to set up 3-phase system.

When I turn all of them on, and open the VEConnect, there is only 1 MultiPlus-II on the list.

When I turn on only EasySolar-II there is also one MultiPlus-II on the list. Should there be a EasySolar-II on the list when only it is on?

I also have a error #25 "Firmware incompatibility".

Apparently EasySolar-II has different firmware than 2 other MP-II.

When I click on this "error #25", I am getting message "Fetching data" and there is no end to waiting for this "fetching" to finish.

How shuld I go about making all firmware the same, so I can start setting this system up?

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

You can't use VictronConnect to setup a 3-phase system, for that you will need VE.Bus Quick Configure and VE.config. All included in the "VE Configuration tools for VE.Bus Products" software package

But first you have to update all firmware to the latest.
But I prefer to use VEflash:

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I know that I cannot, but why VictronConnect does not see all my inverters connected to VE bus?

Victron is pushing this VictronConnect as a best way to upgrade firmware, but how it can do it if it does not see equipment connected to VE bus?

Why it shows me MultiPlus-II, on the list, when the only unit turned on is EasySolar-II?

And what about this process called "Fetching info" that never ends?

What info is trying to fetch?

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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ marekp commented ·

To be honest I used VictronConnect only 1 or 2 times to update a firmware, I like to use VE.flash. The firmware provided with VictronConnect is also not always the latest. I always use VE.flash.

Try to only connect one Multi and disconnect the others.

The EasySolar is basically a MultiPlus with a build-in MPPT so it will be identified as a MultiPlus via VE.Bus.

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I will try to connect them one by one to MK3 but I was under impression that if I turn off the unit it is disconnected from VE bus. This is how VE.Bus.Quick Configure recognizes connected units.

EasySolar-II contains MultiPlus-II. MPPT 25/70 and GX device.

If VictronConnect shows EasySolar-II as individual parts, than where is MPPT on its list? And what about GX part?

MPPT or GX can also be updated or set up with VictronConnect.

When I watched the webinar about firmware update, I noticed that on the list of units, that are visible on the VictronConnect device list, were GX devices, MPPT and EasySolar-II, so it should be recognized as EasySolar-II by VictronConnect.

The other question is why VEconfigure tells me that I have MK2 interface when I have MK3?

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EasySolar-II appears on the list in VictronConnect only after connecting it to Internet and setting up VRM site.

After loading latest firmware I noticed that VEConfigure reports MK3.

I am not sure now if it was showing MK2 before.

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