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Shore Power with Multiplus off.

I've just replaced a Xantrex Freedom Inverter / Charger with a Multiplus 3000. One feature on the Xantrex I dont seem to be able to replicate...

I could disable the inverter and charger on the Xantrex (there is no off switch) and if shore power was connected it would still be available to the sockets on the boat.

That's a useful setting sometime ie no charger, no ups (inverter) but the shore power is still passing through.

How can I do that on the Multi?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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just an IDEA, not tested or known to work: switch the Multi to charger only and set shore limit to 0A?

It should work regarding to:

If you don’t want to use any PowerAssist from your batteries, switch to charger only and now the AC shore supply will still be on and the inverter will be off, leaving that 3.68kW AC shore supply available for DC charging and AC power for any small AC consumers, such as laptops, TVs, a toaster etc.

If you then set the current to zero the charger will be off, the AC supply will pass through and the inverter can’t kick in – handy if away from the boat and shore power fails, as then your batteries can’t be drained by the inverter whilst away.



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It is a queer solution to the problem to put the charger off without loosing shore power. A dealer mailed me that it was not possible in this way for the multiplus compact(?!). Did someone test it?

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It worked for my situation. Which was a Multiplus 3kva and a Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX. You need the multi control to be able to easily dial down the amps. Dial it to 0 with shore power.. and there no charging , or battery draw.. but the shore power does pass through to receptacles.

Quite neat.

Not sure about a compact ..

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The customservice of the demonstrated it for the compact in a convincing way.

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Thanks. But does it work for a multiplus compact? I do ask this question because an american colleague, having an older multiplus model, mailed to me that he can do it with a toggle switch. And to do it with the operation you described is for him very odd. So, is there somebody who did the trick with a multiplus compact?

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