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BUG - Node red contrib-victron Disconnection issue


I have been using the node red (node-red-contrib-victron) package in node red using the large image v5. I am noticing that after a few days the BMV node will disconnect and won't auto connect again. On the node red screen (port 1880) the Battery monitor widget shows disconnected, however all my MQTT connections are fine. Once this happens and I go into the Battery monitor node, it now shows two instances of the BMV. One is the disconnected BMV and the other shows the BMV that it thinks is new. If I then select the new instance and change the measurement back to what it should be then everything is fine. I'm assuming that this is a bug and possibly needs rectification. In the mean time my workaround is to use the exec command with dbus-spy, convert values to CSV format and then save into variables. By doing this I can force the dashboard to load these values on startup and then subscribe to MQTT topics to refresh the data as it changes.

Just wondering if anyone else faced this issue?



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Did you find a fix for this ?

I am having the same issue

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