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Easy Solar 24/1600 Absorption and Float LED blinking


I have a problem with a EasySolar 24/1600/40-16 MPPT 100/50.

I have installed as follow:

PV Modules: 2 x JA Solar Mono JAM60S01-315/PR

Umpp = 33.16V Uo= 40.53V Icc= 9.98A

The Modules are connected in series so:

U_PV_IN = 81.06V I_PV_IN= 9.98A

Batteries: 2x AGM 12V/220Ah (100h) in series

The temperature sensor is connected on the minus pole of the batteries.

If the Inverter switch is on the inverter work fine but if I switch it to charger position the absorption and the Float leds start blinking.

What's wrong?


Gian Carlo

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