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Strange charging behavior, limited power with Pylontech


My system consists of Pylontech US2000B Plus 2.4kWh Li-Ion Battery 8 Modules, Quattro 48V/8000VA/110A-100/100/230V, SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller 250V/100A-Tr with Pluggable Display, Venus GX and 16x Solar Panels ERA 400W PERC Monocrystalline 24V.

The panels are connected in 4 groups of 4, Then into 2 groups of 8. These groups of 8 are independently switched.

I have a strange situation with charging, I never seem to reach any more than about half of what the panels can produce. So I switched off all the panels until the batteries were at a 30% SOC then waited until the sun was at solar noon. Then I switched on one group of 8 and the charge controller display gave a reading of ~2500w. Switching of this group and then turning on the other group also gave reading of ~2500w. Now this is the strange part, when I have both the groups turned on I still only get ~2500.

Have I missed something in the settings?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


Pylontechsmart solar charging behaviour
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Does the MPPT output power increase if you turn on an AC load?

Is in DVCC a charge current limit?

Do you have a charge current limit inside the MPPT charge controller? Check with VictronConnect through Bluetooth directly, not through VRM.

What is the temperature of the batteries? A low temperature can reduce the max. charge current.

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Thanks Tilo,

Your suggestion to check the charge current limit within the charge controller was spot on. It was set at 50A so I have upped it to 90A and now have a corresponding raise in panel output.

Just for information, the charge current limit wasn't set in DVCC, and the battery temperature was definitely not a problem as we are well into the 30 degrees C here.

I didn't check the output power if an AC load was turned on as it was fixed by then.

Many thanks again.


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The Pylontech may be telling the system that is all the charge it wants especially if you have connected them as per guidelines.

As with all managed batteries they have this feature when connecting to the colour control. Check under

Section 4 GX device settings.

Make sure all the modules are registered.

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Thanks for the reply and the helpful suggestions. It will be some days before I will be able to check it out and then I may have some more questions.

Thanks again


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