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Help with Victron 702 Settings Both RV charge controller and Solar used

I recently installed a solar panel on my RV, the Victron was installed last year and seemed to be working fine. Now with the solar it seems the settings are all messed up.

My solar charger has a boost voltage of 14.6 V and my RV Charge controller has an absorption of 13.6.

My batteries are 2x6v 235Ah batteries, I am just trying to figure out what are the best settings when both are used.

I have seen people say set the voltage to 14.1v and the tail current to 4% and set the charge time Higher like 15 min+. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how does setting the voltage higher then the rv charge controller affect the BMW when the solar is not on but only the charge controller is used?

Thanks everyone

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