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Is it possible to get a fault report on a serviced Multiplus II that was exchanged via RMA?

Is it possible to get a fault report from VICTRON ENERGY on a serviced Multiplus II that was exchanged recently via RMA? The excellent support technician at my supplier has left them a while ago so they are not really very technical staff there now and I get cagey vague answers to my questions instead of straight answers.

I now have a replacement unit ready to re-install at a customers place but I have no idea why it failed in the first place so I don't want this new replacement unit to suffer the same fate. We think it may have something to do with DC ripple, so I've greatly increased the DC cable thicknesses but could it be the generator causing the Multiplus II failure? Its charging 5 x Zenaji LTO batteries ( and has no AC output connected up. It was in Charger Only mode at the time when it failed. I can supply the serial number if that will help you track it down. This case is not related to my previous post.

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Can anyone recommend a technically proficient Australian based Victron reseller/support partner? I’m non plussed with my current supplier even though I know they are doing their best they simply don’t seem to know enough technical details about off grid or Victron

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